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Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Competitors (as of August 9, 2010)

GE BBQ Competitors • 2010

•Hawg Holler Marseilles
•Glen Ellyn Pork District Glen Ellyn
•Toasty Buns Aurora
•Porkus Uninterruptus Glen Ellyn
•Smokin' Tasty Huntley
•Pigs in Paradise Streamwood
•Pork Barrel Stimulus Smokers Glen Ellyn
•Hogs Gone Wild Glen Ellyn
•Smylin Symon Smokers West Dundee
•Smokin Valley Glen Ellyn
•Chasing Smoke Glen Ellyn
•Big Willy's Southside Q Chicago
•Heavy D's Chicago
•Smoke, Wind & Fire Chicago
•Bogyo's Mojo Western Springs
•JJ's Barbecue Plainfield
•Porch Club Glen Ellyn
•Whatchoo Smokin'? Glen Ellyn
•Celtic Fire Glen Ellyn
•Pork-A-Palooza Glenview
•Big Bites Lombard
•Cloudy With A Chance Of Pork Westmont
•J&S BBQ Vernon Hills
•Porky Joes Des Plaines
•Running With The Boars Schaumburg
•Hot-Diggity-Hog Wheaton
•Yeast of All Glen Ellyn
•Paqui Glen Ellyn
•Corner Cookers Glen Ellyn
•Glen Ellyn Bar-B-Q Boys Glen Ellyn


  1. Hey Hawg,

    Here's some more information...

    All dishes must be cooked on site. Charcoal and gas grills/smokers are welcome, electric grills/smokers and open pits are not. Ribs and ingredients for best dish must be raw and unseasoned. A 9x9 Styrofoam “Clamshell” will be provided for each dish. Each category must be able to accommodate 3 judges. Garnish for Ribs is optional, but if used is limited Green Leaf Lettuce and or Green Parsley only. Contestants must provide all their own equipment.

    Judging for best dish will be at 2pm and judging for best pork ribs will be at 4pm.

  2. Oh and I have question...if not serving brisket for several hours after it has finished cooking, what is the best way to reheat it and serve? Crockpot?

  3. thanks for the added info.

    I see there is a meeting with the cooks @ 8:45 & smokers/grills can be preheated before 9:00 a.m. I may have missed it but at what time can we arrive to start setting up?

    I also like the 4:00 p.m. rib turn in time, plenty of time to do spares, or baby backs

  4. Excellent question. Teams may arrive as early as 8:00 AM and begin cooking at 9:00 AM.

    The 8:45 AM cooks meeting is optional. Last year we ended up not having one. But all meats will be inspected to ensure they are in raw form.

    I am doing a brisket this weekend. First time in a long time. Man, am I excited. Thinking of smoking it with oak or pecan. I can smell it now...

  5. Oh, and there will be a 5 minute window on either side of turn in times.

  6. Let us know how the brisket turns out, I am more of a pork guy, I do like brisket occasionally.

    I am going to try to do some ribs Sunday for lunch before heading out for the family Easter supper. Hoping Sages in Morris has some of thos locally sourced, fresh spare ribs left. Otherwise I may have to go up to Restaurant Depot this afternoon & get a 3 pack of spares or bb's.

  7. Hey Hawg,

    Completed the brisket. For being only my second, it came out ok. Some parts were ultra tender, some not so much. First, I made a paste using beef bouillon, rubbed it on as kind of a glue so that my rub would stick. Smoked it for about 9 hours using Pecan (time it took for the internal temp to reach 195 degrees), rested it in a cooler for about 1 hr, and then finished it on the grill basting it in a gravy made from the juices.

    I learned a ton from this one though. Next time, I plan on dropping the heat from 250ish to 225. The recipe called for starting it fat side down, not sure why I followed this, but next time it must be fat side up as to self baste the meat. Although Pecan tastes like Hickory, it is much lighter, I might go a bit heavier on the smoke. And, I’ll probably inject or brine the brisket as well.

    Overall, I’d rank it 6.5 out of 10.

  8. thanks for the report on the brisket, I have not done one in while.

    I want to get my hands on some pecan, I typically use hickory, apple, cherry, or oak.

  9. Hey Jim,

    Went to your blog this AM. I started scrolling through your older posts and man-o-man, all of your food looks absolutley delicious. Your ribs are perfectly charred, all your meat has a nice deep smoke ring, including your smoked meatloaf - who would have thought - meatloaf? Have you taken any professional classes?

  10. thanks I appreciate that, no bbq classes, just alot of practice. I was a cook for about 10 years so that taught me alot of general knowledge.

    The meatloaf surprised me, I wont do one in the oven again.

  11. I have a question about portion size for the judges, How many bones should we plan on having for each judge? 3? 4?

  12. Hey Hawg,

    All you need to do is make sure each judge gets a rib. Three judges, three ribs. But I think most contestants placed as many ribs as would fit across the container as to give the judges a choice. Totally up to you.

  13. thanks for the feedback. Ill probably do 3 slabs, a couple bones each for the judges,, and a snack for the cook...

  14. Hey Jim,

    I went to Peoria Meat Packing Co. yesterday. Some of the meat was good, some of it was not so good. Most all the babybacks were cut too close to the bone (shiners). However, the spares looked decent, so I picked up two slabs for $1.59 per lb. Also picked up a shoulder for $1.19 a pound. Curious what your thoughts on the place are.

  15. I agree, the bb's there do not impress me.

    I like the butts/shoulders, and the spares.

    Also the hot links are good, the frozen 5# boxes are buy on get one free. I also like the bulks chicken wings.

    I buy alot of my pork @ Restaurant Depot in Lombard. Good prices and bulk pork, you can buy bb's by the case or the 3 pack, same for spares. Butts are by the case or in 2 packs. They are cryo packed but not "enhanced" . BB's there are about $2.79/lb and as low as $2.49/lb. Spares are $1.79/lb, and butts are $1.02/lb. Case prices are about $.20 cheaper per lb.

    You need a business license to get in, but membership is free. Let me know if you are interested in checking it out sometime, it is impressive.

    Back to Peoria, I was going to get a whole hog from them for a pig roast i am doing in June, but decided to get the hog from a butcher in Morris, he gets local pork, and a 90# dressed, and butterflied hog is only $150. Not bad, plus its alot closer to where I live.

  16. Thanks for the info Jim. I've had a Peoria butt in the smoker since 9am, and as of right now, it's hanging out at around 155 degrees. I'll let you know how it turns out. The spares, I plan on smoking tomorrow.

    Yes, I am very interested in visting the Restaurant Depot. Lombard is the next town over - 10 minutes away - tops. Next time you visit, let me know.

    Whole hog? Wow! I am not at that stage yet. Next year I was thinking of buying a Yoder. That might give me enough surface area to do a small hog, otherwise I'd have to rent a pit.

  17. I am also doing a butt today, a small one for dinner.

    Ill let you know when I head to RD next time, probably in the next couple weeks.

    I went to a pigroast yesterday to check out a buddies pig roaster, its a La Caja Chinese box. Cooked an 85 lb. pig in about 6 hours. Really good. Pics on my blog.

  18. Let me know how your pig turns out. I've only done one pig roast. I rented a rotisserie pit, it took almost all day, the results were good. Luckily one of my friends worked at a butcher during college and knew exactly how to carve it.

  19. Ill let you know on the pig, its for a roast/potluck I am having the weekend after the Milk Days Competition.

    this Saturday is some more practice ribs, or maybe a beef roast. ALso going to get some oysters from Whole Foods to grill, eat raw, and maybe smoke. I was shocked when their butcher said their bb ribs were $9.99/lb, on sale starting today(friday) for $5.99/lb. Ill take a look a them, but probably going elsewhere to buy ribs on the way home.

  20. The oysters on your blog look absolutely wonderful. I'd love to try making some of things you show. Ever consider disclosing some of your recipes? Not so much the ribs and butt(because I wouldn't disclose mine), but more like your oysters, meatloaf and chicken wings.

    $9.99 for bbs is nuts. $5.99 is high, but I might pay it if looked to be top quality. I am beginning to think that so long as you're investing 4-5 hrs making bbs, you may as well invest in some good quality stuff (no shiners and crap cuts, which is typically what I get for $3.49 per lb. around here) And the Costco ribs are typically nice, but I hate buying stuff in the platic wrap cause I can't see what I am getting.

    I went back to Peoria Meat on Wednesday and bought some nice T-bones at $5.49 per lb. Dominick's had the same at $10.99. I won't buy pork there no more, but will stock up on the steaks. Not bad at all.

  21. I appreciate that, I share alot of my recipes on a BBQ web forum I belong to:

    my screen name there is chicsoxjim, folks should check that forum out, lots of good folks with all types of smokers there, and lots of pics.

    The meatloaf recipe I use is a version I found on there, the oyster recipe, and the korean chicken wing recipe are ones I came up wiht by doing alot of reading.

    I did grab a slab of the BB ribs @ WF, 1 rack cost about $11. Looked really good, nice marbeling, etc. Ill see how it goes today. $5.99/lb I can justify, $9.99/lb no way.

    I am doing a bbq surf and turf today, bb ribs, and grilled oysters, I may toss some jalapenos on as well.

  22. Funny, I did a little surf and turf myself last evening. I marinated some shrimp in chili sauce, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, fresh garlic and chili flake. I also smoked some spares.

    Thanks for sharing the link to the forum. I will be sure to check it out.

    I agree, reading is the key. I've bought several books on BBQ - some better than others - with each offering a different perspective. My last purchase was "Serious Barbecue" by Adam Perry Lang. The recipes are ultra intense, but I learned a ton on technique.

  23. sounds like a good feast. I love shrimp on the grill.

    smoking meat is a pretty good forum, lots of recipes, and tips there.

    Ill have to check out the book you mentioned, my fvorites are Low and Slow by G. Wiviott, and Peace Love and BBQ.

    I might take this weekend off of smoking meat, might just do some more grilling(perhaps oysters). With the competition coming up at the end of the month I want ot take a one week break, and get back at it, for Harvard I pretty much have my 4 items set, I just need to work on timing.

    I posted a response to your question re: the oysters on my blog, sorry it took me a couple days, for some reason I didnt get notified there was a comment.

  24. Yeah, I tried registering at SMF but have not yet received password verification via an email. I'll try again.

    When I posted the first comment re: the oysters on your blog I got a message saying that I was unable to post. I am surprised you received it. There may be two more like messages sitting on deck.

    I also own "Low and Slow" - a must have.

    I am going to try oysters this weekend as your pics of succulent goodness have inspired me. Here in a Glen Ellyn, we have a Seafood Market called McCowan's. They actually sponsored our BBQ last year. They stock very nice seafood. I'll try taking some pics.

  25. thats too bad about the SMF login, keep trying.

    McCowans, Ill have to keep them in mind. Depending on my schedule tomorrow I am going to try to get some more oysters to do for Saturday.

    I am planning to go to Restaurant Depot on Friday 5/28 to pick up my supplies for the Milk Days competition, let me know if you want to check it out.

  26. Yes, I'd like to check it out. When it gets closer to 5/28, drop me a post letting me know the time and I'll meet you there.

    In addition to the oysters, I may do a butt this weekend - got a new recipe for finishing sauce that I am dying to try. Man, am I excited.

  27. definitely, it will be after work, probably around 5:00. I pay in cashEasier to bring guests that way, and split up the bill).

    A butt sounds good, I have 2 in my freezer just waiting for me to have the time.

    I am doing oysters, and grilling some skirt steak tomorrow. WSM will probably sit idle this weekend.

  28. Sounds like a plan. I do not get home from work until after 5 myself.

    Here's a question: have you ever cleaned you're smoker? Mine is becoming caked with gook. Some sites suggest cleaing it with Simple Green (I can't imagine putting that stuff in my smoker), others have suggested heating it up, misting it with H20 and using a scraper. Any tips?

  29. everything worked out ok, different oysters, smoked wings, london broil, and jalapenos.

    When I had a GOSM, I would occasionally wip the bottom of the smoker out, but left the sides alone. The WSM I have not cleaned, other than wiped out the bottom porion when emptying burnt out lump.

  30. Ahhh...smoked wings. I knew you couldn't give it up.

    I ended up using a paint scraper to clean my smoker. After scraping out all the caked on crap, I heated it up as high as it would go, using a spray bottle full of water (which turned to steam upon contact) I was able to loosen and wipe out the rest. It's like new.

    I never got to the oysters with all we had going on this weekend. Saturday we had Mexican and Sunday we had Chinese. LOL!

  31. sounds like you were able to clean that smoker out well, good method.

    Yeah, I couldnt resist on Saturday, the wings were good.

    Last night I picked up the La Caja China roasting box in Chicago for my pig roast in June. I may have to try it out one of these next weekends with some chickens and or ribs. I am lucky my buddy is loaning me this for the next month or so.

  32. When you went to Toon's to taste the pig, did La Caja produce crispy skin? It's one of my favorite parts of roasted pig.

    BTW-who takes the photos of your food? They look professional. I have tried to take some photos to post here, but none of the photos ever turn out any good.

  33. thanks for comments on the pics, I take most of them, and my wife takes some. Its a basic Fuji Fine Pics F20SE digital camera. I use a setting called "macro" and turn the flash off 99% of the time.

    The pigs skin wasnt that crispy. Talking with my buddy he doesnt think he started with/used enough charcoal, and perhaps didnt let the pig get up to room temp before cooking.

    I have his La Caja in my garage now & have been reading all the tips I can. I dont think I will do a practice run on it(uses way too much charcoal), but will continue to read, etc.

  34. Let me know how it goes. After the kids' baseball season ends, I'd consider doing a pig roast myself. Right now baseball takes up a ton of my time. Although La Caja sounds like it saves a ton of time.

  35. I can hardly wait for this years event.....!

  36. Is anyone competing in the Westmont Red White and BBQ Tournement Memorial Day weekend?

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. Hey Anonymous-

    Re: Red, White and BBQ -- I am not the Pig Daddy from Naperville you may have seen listed under the "Teams" link. That being said, I was thinking of competing in the "Amateur Contest". I called the competitor liason with a few questions, but have not heard back yet. How about yourself?

  39. I was going to walk around the Red White and BBQ tournament for educational purposes. I wasn't able to attend the Backyard BBQ due to work but am going to keep practicing at home until I am confident enough to compete. I wish there were more pictures of the food and competitors set ups. It would give me a better idea of what I need.

  40. Glen Ellyn's Backyard BBQ is designed for folks regardless of their experience level. You shouldn't feel intimidated by any means. At the very least, it's an excellent way to pick up tips, share recipes and food and meet new folks who love to bbq. Besides our entry fee is only $10 for one category, $15 for two-it is very affordable way to spend an afternoon.

    If there are any questions I may answer for you, please feel free to ask them here.

    I will be at Westmont's Red, White and BBQ competing as an amateur for the first time on May 29th. If you're out there, look for me. I should be competing under the team name "Butt Rubbers" since my bbq alias "Pig Daddy" has been taken by someone else.

  41. Thanks Jim!!!! Same to you!!!!

  42. Nice meeting you today Tom

    - Porky Joes

  43. Hey Porky Joe,

    Nice meeting you as well! I hope to see you in Sept!

  44. I see you you finally cashed that entry check for the event Pig Daddy,

    Im looking forward to your event, and may just do ribs and skip the "wild card" item. I'll probably decide last minute on the "wild card" thing. I will be doing a couple cooks snacks as well, (tips, and perhaps some ABT's, etc.)

    Ive been scoring some great Heritage Berkshire pork from a farm out west of Chicago, but have only done traditional bbq a couple times since the Milk Days Comp. and my pig roast. Getting over the bbq burn out.

  45. Did anyone attend ribfest this year?

    -Porky Joes

  46. Hey Jim,

    So glad to hear from you!

    Yes, we finally managed to open a checking account in the name of Bridge Communities, the Glen Ellyn based, grass roots charity who is the beneficiary of all net proceeds from our BBQ. I didn't want to place your check in my personal account.

    Although I am not competing in this contest, I will be doing some q'n, so maybe we can swap some food. The items you post on your blog always look delicious and I'd love to try one or two of your ABT's.

    In a week or so, I plan on posting some information about a few of our judges. One of our judges is a Jim Beam Sponsored National Competition BBQ Pitmaster, he is also KCBS certified. Another is the head culinary professor at the College of DuPage. I'm still working on obtaining a third.

    We've also hired a band, which I'll be posting some information about in the following weeks. This band specializes in blues, R&B, soul.

    Blues and BBQ, it doesn't get any better.

    Now, about them must be reading my mind. They're supposedly the Kobe Beef of pork. I have not had the opportunity to get my hands on any yet, but have found a few places that carry them on special order. After competing in Westmont, I've been on a quest to find the best. most fresh ingredients possible.

  47. Hey Porky Joes,

    No, I did not have a chance to get to Ribfest. We were very busy promoting our bbq locally during the 4th of July weekend. We entered Glen Ellyn's Regatta (see slide show on the left of our home page.) We also entered our parade. Did you have a chance to go?

  48. Im going out to get more Berkshire this weekend(spares and hopefully some more bacon & brats).

    Going right to the source cuts the cost down alot. This farm is in Varna, IL. Bubba Berk's.

    Your BBQ event looks like it is coming together, I am looking forward to coming out.

  49. Awesome! Do you have to call in advance and place an order or do you just show up?

    The ride is about 2 1/2 hours for me. I'm sure it'd be well worth it tho. Wonder if there are any bbq joints to grab a little snack along the way?

  50. I give them a call just to make sure they set aside a few things for me, and to make sur ethey will be there.

    I may do some berkshire spares for your competition, and could alway pick up and bring you a slab to do for yourself.

    let me know here or email me.

    I see there is a competition in Lisle next month. Looks interesting.

  51. Absolutley. I'll take you up on your offer.

    Yes, A gent named Steve Marney is running Lisle's BBQ. He actually phoned me a month or two ago and we tossed around a few ideas for his cook-off. I was wanting to compete in it, but I leave for vacation on the 13th, so I can't. Based on our conversation, it appears he's accomplished a ton in a short time.

  52. BTW, what are the Berkshires running a lb? Do they come already trimmed up?

  53. Lisle looked like a good cause as well.

  54. Is there a link or website for the Lisle competition?

    -Porky Joes

  55. Hey Porky Joes - try looking at the Illinois BBQ Society's website. We have a link to it at the top left of this page.

  56. I'm still waiting to find out if they will give me the day off or not. The suspense if I can compete is killing me right now.

    -Porky Joes

  57. Hey Pork Joes,

    You need to hurry! We are at 25 competitors and I do not think we will have room for many more. Get it in today!

  58. Pig Daddy, is it ok to bring a cooler of carbonated "adult" beverages to the event?

  59. Hey Mike-

    Excellent question! Yes you may. Oh, and over the next several weeks look for updates about the BBQ here on our site. I will be posting informaion about our judges, live music, trophies, Glen Ellyn BBQ apparel, etc.

  60. I'm curious where did you buy your canopy and what type is it? I saw some at Kmart was thinking of buying one.

    -Porky Joes

  61. you still looking for certified judges? i was going to sign up to cook but you are already full.

  62. Hey Bill,

    Sorry I didn't reply to your post earlier, but I was on vacation and just got back.

    I think we are good on judges. If you send me your contact info, I will maintain it and in the event any team(s)cancels I will contact you.

    Next year we plan on moving locations in order to accomodtae more teams. We also plan on using more judges.

    Thank you so much for your interest!

  63. no problem..actually i just posted it today..we were discussing your comp at the Lisle cook off but i think you were full up by then anyway..

  64. I see. I was looking at the August 15th date above your name and thought that's when you posted.

    How was the Lisle contest? I wanted to participate but was leaving for vacation that weekend and couldn't.

  65. Lisle Contest was a lot of fun..will need some tweakign abit but for a first year contest it was run very well..
    Head's Red BBQ did 1st in Pro division ..2nd in the Amateur..i know weird but long story
    where do I send oyu my contact info??

  66. disregard my question above..I found the email address

  67. Tom, I was curious is there only three judges? I am wondering because I was not sure how many ribs I should turn in. Also that is a lot of tasting the judges have to do if there are 30 competitors!


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